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Sustainability is important to the iMonitor development team. Learn how our transmitter and electronic components are
designed to be reused multiple times.

Electronic device waste is one of the fastest growing categories of waste on the planet. It contains toxic and hazardous materials that can leach into our environments. A recent consumer report on tech recycling shares that most users are not aware of methods to recycle or aware of how important it is to the environment. iMonitor is leading the way by making environmental friendliness a core requirement of its products.


reused or disposed of in an environmental fashion

At the end of their multi-use life, all transmitter and electronic components will be reused or disposed of in an environmental fashion.

RoHs compliant.

All iMonitor’s product are “RoHs” compliant. (Reductions of Hazardous Substances)

RF radio A-Tick and C-Tick compliance

All iMonitor’s product have RF radio A-Tick and C-Tick compliance. Lower power use means less batteries in the environment.

Sustainability FAQs

  • Are your products reusable or recyclable?

    Yes. Our products are all reusable, you just have to ship it back to us.   

  • Are there any costs for shipping or recycling?

    Yes. There is a standard cost associated with our recycling program. 

  • Why I should be recycling the hardware?

    Hardware and its associated peripherals should be recycled for a couple of reasons:

    •  Some materials in the products can be reused for the production of new products, minimizing the impact of these materials on our landfills and reducing the need for raw materials. 
    • Also, some components, such as batteries, used in the hardware must be disposed of in a specific manner to protect our environment.

  • I’d like to recycle the packaging, what should I do?

    Our packaging is recyclable, you may visit Earth911 or your local council guide here: to find best ways to recycle the packaging.

  • Are products shipped to other countries for recycling?

    No. None of our e-waste is exported for recycling.